PHA - Healthier Campus Initiative

In 2015, the University of Arizona became one of 38 universities to participate in the Partnership for a Healthier America's Healthier Campus Initiative. The Student Union Culinary Team in partnership with Campus Recreation, Campus Health, Disability Resource Center, Life & Work Connections, and Parking & Transportation have made a commitment to complete 23 wellness-based criteria over the course of a 3-year period.  We completed all 23 criteria in two years (one full year ahead of schedule)!

Criteria specific to nutrition includes:

  • Provide healthier food and beverage services in campus-operated dining venues every operational day:
    • Offer on the menu a minimum of one (1) wellness meal at each breakfast, lunch and dinner meal (if served).
    • Offer a minimum five (5) types of fruits, five (5) types of vegetables and two (2) 100% whole grain products at both lunch and dinner (if served).
  • Offer only a total number of fried foods that does not exceed the total number of platforms available at both lunch and dinner (if served) across all venues.
  • Identify food and beverage items using one (1) of the following strategies:
    • Label food and beverage items offered with calories per serving at the point of presentation; OR
    • Designate healthier food and beverage options using a healthy icon at the point of presentation.
  • Offer a plant-based food option at every platform serving meat.
  • Offer tray-less dining as the default system in at least seventy-five percent (75%) of dining venues.
  • Offer one (1) of the following healthier catering menu options:
    • Offer a minimum of three (3) types of fruits, three (3) types of vegetables, two (2) 100% whole grain products and no more than two (2) fried items on catering menus; OR
    • Offer a healthier catering menu that only includes foods and beverages that meet healthier food and nutrition guidelines.
  • Ensure the percentage of healthier beverage purchases (in dollars) is a minimum of sixty percent (60%) of total beverage purchases (in dollars) for catering.
  • Make free water available in all dining venues and all educational/physical activity facilities.
  • Make available Registered Dietitians (RDs) for personal nutrition assessments and counseling to all students.
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