Dining and COVID-19

Arizona Dining SMART
In light of COVID-19, Arizona Dining has developed a cohesive plan to help reduce risk.  Our plan is called Arizona Dining SMART.  SMART is an acronym which stands for:

S – Sanitize and clean
M – Maintain social distancing
A – Accommodate dining offerings
R – Require employees follow COVID-19 guidelines
T – Tech driven in approach

We will continue to update as guidelines from the university and/or county, state and national organizations are directed.   Details for Arizona Dining SMART are below.

S – Sanitize and clean.

  • High touch point areas including door handles or push plates, elevator buttons, stair rails, seatbacks, tables, faucets, guest microwaves and countertops are sanitized at increased frequency.
  • Restroom refresh disinfectant cleaning every 2 hours
  • Customer facing hand sanitizer is available throughout locations
  • Restaurant units keep a cleaning log to record cleaning of counters, card readers and door handles or push plates.  Cleaning must be completed and recorded every two hours.
  • Back of the house areas will be cleaned at a higher frequency including employee work areas, employee entrances, locker rooms/bathrooms and offices

M – Maintain social distancing.

  • Stickers are placed in each dining location to provide a 6 foot visual cue to guests.
  • Stanchions are utilized at all open restaurants.
  • Limiting capacity in all dining locations.
  • Plexi-glass barriers are placed at each register station.
  • Offer only to-go food. Outdoor tents are set up to allow for open air seating with distancing.
  • Card only is accepted including Meal Plan, Cat Cash, Credit or Debit.  No cash.
  • Signage at each entrance asking guests to STOP if they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and not enter the location. Additional information on the sign is provided for Campus Health testing as well as Pima County Health information for guests.

A – Accommodate dining offerings.

  • Self-serve areas are modified to full-service style.  Salad bars offer pre-packaged options only.
  • Elimination of condiment bars with behind counter service of individually wrapped sugars, creamers, stirring rods, lids, ketchup, mustard and other condiments.
  • New, unused disposable cups are only be used for beverages. No personal cups allowed and no refills using the same cup are allowed.
  • Pre-wrapped straws and sealed flatware are offered.
  • Produce and bakery items are pre-wrapped.
  • All sampling has been paused.

R – Require employees follow COVID-19 guidelines.

  • Handwashing with soap and water is required of all employees for at least 20 seconds every 30 minutes.
  • Wellness & temperature checks are conducted for all employees as they arrive for work.
  • Masks to cover mouth and nose are required for all staff working in dining locations.
  • Gloves are required for all staff working in dining locations and are to be changed every thirty minutes with handwashing.
  • Managers and person in charge are required to have ServSafe certification.
  • All staff is trained on COVID-19 safety and sanitation protocols.

T – Tech driven in approach.

  • Offer GrubHub delivery or pick up.
  • GrubHub kiosks available at several locations will have stylus pens that will be sanitized after use to reduce touch of screens.
  • Customer facing card readers are implemented for Meal Plan and Credit/Debit cards to reduce contact.
  • Website ordering for students in self-isolation awaiting COVID-19 test or results.
  • Tech Vending options are added to allow contactless food ordering including salad, yogurt and hummus options along with ramen and pho options.
  • Smart Lockers are added for contactless mobile order pick up.
  • Digital menus available to reduce contact of physical menus.


Last updated 7/28/20