Partnership for a Healthier America Healthier Future Award

The University of Arizona received The Healthier Future Award as a result of participating in the Partnership for a Healthier America's Healthier Campus Initiative. The Student Union Culinary Team in partnership with Campus Recreation, Campus Health, Disability Resource Center, Life & Work Connections, and Parking & Transportation have made a commitment to complete 23 wellness-based criteria over the course of a 3-year period. Criteria specific to nutrition includes:

Criteria specific to nutrition includes:

  • Offer only a total number of fried foods that does not exceed the total number of platforms available at both lunch and dinner (if served) across all venues.
  • Identify food and beverage items using one (1) of the following strategies:
    • Label food and beverage items offered with calories per serving at the point of presentation; OR
    • Designate healthier food and beverage options using a healthy icon at the point of presentation.
  • Offer a plant-based food option at every platform serving meat.
  • Offer tray-less dining as the default system in at least seventy-five percent (75%) of dining venues.
  • Offer one (1) of the following healthier catering menu options:
    • Offer a minimum of three (3) types of fruits, three (3) types of vegetables, two (2) 100% whole grain products and no more than two (2) fried items on catering menus; OR
    • Offer a healthier catering menu that only includes foods and beverages that meet healthier food and nutrition guidelines.
  • Ensure the percentage of healthier beverage purchases (in dollars) is a minimum of sixty percent (60%) of total beverage purchases (in dollars) for catering.
  • Make free water available in all dining venues and all educational/physical activity facilities.
  • Make available Registered Dietitians (RDs) for personal nutrition assessments and counseling to all students.

The University of Arizona was recognized over the summer for becoming one of three universities nationally to complete the 23 wellness-based criteria in just two years (one full year ahead of schedule). We will continue to grow our healthier offerings this year and will have our second annual Healthy Campus Week September 24-28th. Click here to learn more.

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